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ASSOS Women’s Ultraz Winter LS Skin Layer

Our Women’s Ultraz Winter LS Skin Layer brings maximum thermal protection and body-mapped comfort to your coldest rides, courtesy of our new wool-blend knit and seamless design.

119.00 *

ASSOS Women’s Summer LS Skin Layer

With its ultralight, seamless construction and full-length sleeves, the Women’s Summer LS Skin Layer provides added coverage and UV protection in warm, sunny conditions.

80.00 *

ASSOS Women’s Winter LS Skin Layer

The Women’s Winter LS Skin Layer’s insulating knit structure and seamless construction join forces to keep you dry and insulated from the base up in cold, demanding conditions.

99.00 *

ASSOS Women’s Spring Fall SS Skin Layer

The Women’s Spring/Fall SS Skin Layer is armed with an ultra-precise fit and medium-weight knit structure to keep your core insulated and dry in cool weather.

79.00 *

ASSOS Women’s Spring Fall LS Skin Layer

The Spring/Fall LS Skin Layer answers the call during late fall and early spring, complete with a female-specific cut, full-arm coverage, and a new medium-weight yarn blend.

89.00 *

ASSOS Women’s Summer NS Skin Layer

With its sleeveless design, female-specific construction, and carbon yarns, the Women’s Summer NS Skin Layer keeps your core dry and cool during the hottest rides of the year.

59.00 *

ASSOS Women’s Summer SS Skin Layer

Setting the new standard for summer first layers, the Women’s SS Skin Layer features an ultralight seamless design, female-specific fit, and carbon yarns to keep you dry and comfortable in the hottest conditions.

69.00 *
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