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The topic of sustainability has already grown up for us. Because as cyclists we are close to nature and appreciate it. For us, sustainability is not just a fad, but a clear statement and firmly anchored in our philosophy. Each of us can contribute to sustainability. Even small steps, even the very thought, brings us a little closer to our goal. It is therefore a matter of course for us that we at ASSOS-ONLINESHOP.de only use LED lights (since 2009), that over 90% of our waste is separated and professionally recycled. And only around 25% of our employees drive to work by car.

Our shipments

Responsibility for people and nature is very important to us, which is why we made a conscious decision to ship with DHL GoGreen. All packages from ASSOS-ONLINESHOP.de are sent 100% climate neutral. As a result, 6.11 tons of CO2 were offset in 2020.

Our Website

The ASSOS-ONLINESHOP.de servers are located in Germany and are 100% climate-neutral with electricity from hydropower plants on the Upper Rhine. So your data is safe and the environment is happy too.

Our products

Every consumption leads to waste. In order to protect our earth's resources, we must stop this waste. Initially simple in theory: reduce consumption! At a time when consumption is indispensable, we have to find ways to make the most of available resources. We believe that it is right to consume less, but focus on sustainability and quality. The top priority for manufacturers must be to produce less, but to create products of quality and real value, the purpose of which is not just to make money. Creating sustainable products may reduce sales a little, but it also reduces the waste of resources.

ASSOS is proud to announce the birth of Newlife. Newlife is a new technology that significantly reduces environmental impact. In order to inspire the green economy and to reduce the negative impact on our environment through production and industry, we brought this technological innovation to life. The highlight: Newlife offers a wide range of high-quality, high-performance polyester yarns made from recycled bottles.

This is the unique Newlife:

  • New delivery system, certified and traceable (developed in Northern Italy).
  • End product made from fully recycled and mechanically processed materials, made in Italy.
  • In the manufacturing process certified by Oeko-Tex┬«, all items of clothing and textiles are tested for their harmlessness to health.
  • The renowned Plastica Seconda Vita certification, issued by the Institute for the Promotion of Plastics for Recycling (IPPR), verifies the origin of the recycled products and allows them to be traced back along the entire production chain. All of the plastic bottles used in this new process were collected in northern Italy. After being cleaned and shredded in a mechanical process, they are converted into a PET polymer that is used to spin yarn. With the help of high-tech companies that have been working closely with ASSOS for years, this polymer is refined into particularly high-quality polyester yarns, which are decisive for the quality level at which we manufacture our technical cycling clothing.

The new Newlife process makes it possible to manufacture ASSOS clothing that not only corresponds to the highest level of performance but is also particularly environmentally friendly:

  • reduces CO2 emissions
  • reduces plastic waste
  • efficient recycling
  • no harmful chemical process
  • saves up to 10 liters of water per kg of yarn during production
  • Reduces pollution due to shorter transport routes thanks to the centralized production facility

Our goal is to manufacture a complete line of clothing from recycled fibers, thus reducing pollution of the environment in production and still being able to achieve maximum performance. We are not only committed to the quality of our brand, but also want to take big steps towards a more environmentally friendly and cleaner world - a world made by and for cyclists.