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The most technical, low-volume winter softshell we’ve created to date. Known in-house as the johDah, this stormproof jacket comes to life with high-output efforts—rewarding you with second-skin protection and temperature regulation like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Shattering the mold for upper body protection during high-output efforts in the harshest conditions, the johDah Jacket makes no apologies for its demands. It’s specifically engineered for the serious year-round rider and pro athlete, as the watts they (you) generate are what determine whether the textiles we’ve developed for this system become “activated.” Get it right and you’ll be rewarded with a winterproof second skin that breathes and flexes with your body, feeding it just the right amount of insulation to perfectly regulate your core temperature during cold races and multi-hour training rides.

Project johDah began by developing a totally new line of softshells, each of which is lighter and more breathable than anything we’ve developed thus far. Known as SPHERE, this family of fabrics is the successor to our long-running Stratagon—giving us varying thicknesses of membrane-equipped materials for waterproof protection and flexible comfort. Starting from the inside out, the front panel is made up of several ultrathin layers. The first resembles a short zippered mid layer, which protects your chest with targeted insulation. Next comes our 3L wind- and waterproof SHERE Light textile, which features a light thermal interior. To ensure you don’t overheat, we added our Diffusor “valves” at the shoulders, which act like a set of air vents that draw in air from the outside and inject it between the jacket’s layers of fabric.

We targeted the upper back and forearms with our robust 3L SPHERE Medium, which features a thicker more insulating fabric on the inside. The lower back panel is made using our OSMOS Heavy, the most insulating of our brushed-back materials, while the jacket’s integrated face mask and built-in mid layer employ the lighter, more breathable OSMOS Light. Finally, the upper arms lean on a warp-knit 3L ZigZaggy Foam that wraps you in plush, wind-blocking insulation.

It’s important to note that the johDah is one part of a three-piece system. Wear it alone during most winter conditions, or pair it with your Thermobooster Mid Layer for added insulation. For extra coverage in humid or extra-demanding weather, deploy your Alleycat Clima Capsule over the top. Either of these extra layers conveniently stow in the johDah’s Thermobooster Pod along the upper back panel. Yes, we’ve thought of everything.


SPHERE Light: Used for the front panel, this middle-weight version of SPHERE is a patented 3L windproof, waterproof, and highly breathable woven softshell constructed with a PU bonded membrane for added water-repellency. Weight: 235/m2; Breathability: MVP 30,000g/m2/24h; Water Column: >10,000mm; Elasticity: 4-way stretch.

Tibet: The innermost layer in SHERE Light, this bi-stretch circular knit adds light insulation and helps pull moisture away from the layers below. SPHERE Medium: Used for the upper back and forearms, this is our thickest version of SPHERE. It’s a patented 3L windproof and highly breathable woven softshell constructed with a PU bonded membrane for added water-repellency. Weight: 320/m2; Breathability: MVP 20,000/m2/24h; Water Column: >10,000mm; Elasticity: 4-way stretch.

Rhombus: The innermost layer in SHERE Medium, this polypropylene terry with smooth jacquard features a 3D diamond net construction to promote airflow, wick moisture, and add an extra layer of insulation along the upper back and forearms.

ZigZaggy Foam: The upper sleeves are made with this 3L warp-knit, windblocking fabric, which features a foam-like core and brushed fleece interior for added thermal protection.

OSMOS Heavy: This warp-knit is used along the back panel. It’s the heaviest in our brushed OSMOS family (290g/m2), featuring asymmetrical stretch and a soft, durable construction. High levels of insulation are derived from the brushed skin-facing side.

Integrated Face Mask: Stowable neck and face protection in OSMOS Light for the most extreme winter riding conditions.

Diffusor: An ASSOS-exclusive sewing construction that creates dual “valves” on the fronts of the shoulders, drawing in cool air for added ventilation.

Double-Slider Asymmetrical Zipper: Reversed camlock design, metal construction, offset at the collar for added comfort.

Thermobooster Pod: Fourth pocket along the central back panel, engineered to store the Thermobooster Mid Layer or Alleycat Clima Capsule.

Triple Ramp Pockets: Our storage design with three textile-lidded pockets optimally located for ease of access; color-coded and featuring a micro-perforated bonded tape for visibility.

Raw-Cut Waist: Creates a smooth, aerodynamic design that seamlessly integrates with your additional layers.

Bi-Modular Rear Hem: A wide, bi-modular elastic flexes more along the side than in the middle to give you a secure, “tuned” hold.

aeroFit: Our trimmest, speed-focused fit that’s tighter and more compressive than our racingFit. May feel restrictive out of the riding position but feels like a second skin while riding.

Composition: 38%PA 24%PP 20%EA 18%PL