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ASSOS rainGlove evo7

ASSOS rainGlove evo7

from €30.00

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The new, significantly improved waterproof rain glove. With a new design and improved fit.

When do I wear the gloves?

It is the perfect glove for rainy conditions, if your hands cool down and make it difficult for you to feel optimally the handlebar.

ALS Tips

Alone in mild temperatures or in combination with the new tiburuGlove evo7 under extreme conditions of cold and rain.

the construction

  • New 3-D design for the fingers
  • Low volume neoprene material
  • minimal seams design
  • maximum comfort construction

Championissimo AEPD

Cycling-friendly ergonomics, ASSOS ZEGHO wiper system.

Ultralight, waterproof neoprene


The development of the first ASSOS rainGloves, helping you to optimize every ride in the most adverse weather conditions.


92% polyamide, 8% elastane