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ASSOS Spring Fall RS Leg Warmer

Light insulation, full-leg coverage, and fit-enhancing details—the RS Spring/Fall Leg Warmers represent an all-new category of engineered comfort.

109.00 *

ASSOS TRAIL Arm Protectors

Lightweight, flexible arm coverage and abrasion protection for warm-weather trail rides.

49.00 *
70.00 €
You save 30 %

ASSOS TRAIL Knee Protectors

Shield your knees from trailside abrasion with lightweight sleeve protection.

56.00 *
80.00 €
You save 30 %

ASSOS armWarmer evo7

A flexible accessory for spring and fall, these are a piece of kit that no cyclist should be without.

40.00 *

ASSOS Kneewarmer

 Tuned to meet the demands of BMC Racing Team, these are now 7cm longer to give you increased warmth and on-the-fly tuning.

45.00 *

ASSOS Spring Fall Leg Warmers

Light insulation and full-leg coverage for moderate spring and fall riding conditions.

59.00 *

ASSOS Leg Foil

Shield your legs from harmful UV rays and add some extra cool-weather comfort with the Leg Foil’s seamless design.

40.00 *

ASSOS Knee Foil

With an ultrasoft seamless design and built-in UV protection, the Knee Foil adds extra coverage in cool, sunny weather.

35.00 *

ASSOS Arm Foil

Built-in UV protection and an ultrasoft seamless design make the Arm Foil a staple in cool and sunny conditions alike.

30.00 *
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