GTASSOS our new urban cycling line has been engineered as the answer to smart mobility and transportation wear, we have used our know-how in fabric technology to make the best solution for the application.

The collection features 15 different garments engineered in switzerland and handmade in europe, giving you 360-degree Prêt-à-porter.

Made with high performance fabrics, GTASSOS line is just at home on the bike or e-bike, as it is in the office or airport. It has been designed for those who love ASSOS quality and want a smart F1 look in everyday life.

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ASSOS boxer

GTASSOS-Boxer.This is the first of two cycling-specific pieces in our GTASSOS collection.

70.00 *
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ASSOS H.gigoloShorts

ASSOS H.gigoloShorts.Strike the perfect balance between sports apparel and casual wear.

84.00 *
120.00 €
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can be shipped within 1-2 days

ASSOS spiderBag

The second cycling-specific piece in the collection, spiderBag is an updated version of our hugely popular but now out of production spiderBag.

120.00 *
130.00 €
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Still in stock
can be shipped within 1-2 days
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