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ASSOS MILLE GT Ultraz Winter Bib Tights

Following our versatile, regularFit platform, the Ultraz Winter Tights are engineered for the harshest winter conditions to ensure no amount of weather interrupts your winter program.

269.00 *

ASSOS EQUIPE RS Winter Bib Tights S9

For high-output training and racing missions in the coldest conditions, the EQUIPE RS Winter Bib Tights S9 take the torch from our iconic Bonkas—delivering maximum thermal protection, second-skin comfort, and WorldTour-proven stability.

379.00 *

MILLE GT Winter Bib Tights- NO INSERT

The MILLE GT Winter Bib Tights’ full-length coverage and flexible insulation, now available without an insert for added versatility and support in challenging winter riding conditions.

159.00 *

ASSOS TRAIL Winter Cargo Pants

With their winterproof fabrics, function-driven details, and trail-tuned fit, the Winter Cargo Pants keep you performing at your optimum in harsh, cold riding conditions.

179.00 *

New ASSOS EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Bib Tights S9

Lightly insulated, race-cut bib tights for training days on both sides of winter, built on our S9 platform for maximum stability and frictionless comfort during full-gas efforts.

269.00 *

ASSOS MILLE GT Winter Bib Tights

Full-length coverage, flexible insulation, and our signature MILLE EVO insert ensure comfortable support in challenging winter riding conditions.

189.00 *

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