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ASSOS MILLE GT Winter Jacket HaSHoogi

Price-point, heavy-weight jacket for winter riding.

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229.50 *
255.00 €
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ASSOS MILLE GT Ultraz Winter Jacket EVO

The ultimate solution for the harshest winter conditions. Our all-new Ultraz EVO is armed with an arsenal of our most protective NEOS textiles to keep your body as warm, dry, and shielded as possible in the most demanding weather.

holy White SS.mileJersey_evo7_mini_red_assos-onlineshop.deSS.mileJersey_evo7_mini_red_assos-onlineshop.de

329.00 *

ASSOS TRAIL Spring Fall Hooded Jacket

Striking the perfect balance between protection and breathability, the TRAIL Hooded Jacket is ideal for all-mountain riding in cool, variable weather.


189.00 *

ASSOS GT Ultraz WInter Jacket eiSeNHerZ

Built for the coldest, harshest winter conditions, the Ultraz Winter Jacket keeps you out on the road, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

holy White SS.mileJersey_evo7_mini_red_assos-onlineshop.de

210.00 *
300.00 €
You save 30 %

ASSOS EQUIPE RS Sprin Fall Jacket

This streamlined race-spec jacket goes on offense in cold, wet weather, blurring the lines between a thermal LS jersey and low-volume softshell.

299.00 *

ASSOS tiburuGiletEquipe

Building on the ever-popular falkenZahn, this handy gilet is part of our new equipe performance line of cycling apparel, and so much more than your run-ofthe-mill cycling vest.


holy White

100.00 *
200.00 €
You save 50 %

ASSOS MILLE GT Winter Jacket HaSHoogi

Price-point, heavy-weight jacket for winter riding.

SS.mileJersey_evo7_mini_red_assos-onlineshop.deholy White

178.50 *
255.00 €
You save 30 %


Seriously protective, highly breathable core coverage for the variable conditions encountered during spring and fall.

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149.00 *
150.00 €
You save 1 %

ASSOS MILLE GT Spring Fall Jacket

The coverage and comfort of a thermal LS jersey merged with the wind and water protection afforded by a flexible 3L membrane.

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189.00 *

ASSOS TRAIL Winter Softshell Jacket

The TRAIL Winter Softshell sets a new standard in all-mountain winter protection, complete with our element-battling softshell fabrics and versatile trailFit.

279.00 *
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