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ASSOS Ultraz Winter LS Skin Layer

The Ultraz Winter LS Skin Layer brings maximum thermal protection and body-mapped comfort to your coldest rides, courtesy of our new wool-blend knit and seamless construction.

119.00 *

ASSOS MILLE GT Ultraz Winter Bib Tights

Following our versatile, regularFit platform, the Ultraz Winter Tights are engineered for the harshest winter conditions to ensure no amount of weather interrupts your winter program.

269.00 *

ASSOS EQUIPE RS Winter Bib Tights S9

For high-output training and racing missions in the coldest conditions, the EQUIPE RS Winter Bib Tights S9 take the torch from our iconic Bonkas—delivering maximum thermal protection, second-skin comfort, and WorldTour-proven stability.

379.00 *

ASSOS GT Ultraz WInter Jacket eiSeNHerZ

Built for the coldest, harshest winter conditions, the Ultraz Winter Jacket keeps you out on the road, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

holy White SS.mileJersey_evo7_mini_red_assos-onlineshop.de

210.00 *
300.00 €
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ASSOS Ultraz Winter Gloves

A double-layer construction and refined fit ensure maximum hand protection and insulation during winter’s harshest conditions.

109.00 *

ASSOS Winter LS Skin Layer

Tuned for the cold, demanding conditions of winter riding, the Winter LS Skin Layer’s insulating knit structure and seamless construction join forces to keep you dry and insulated from the base up.

99.00 *

ASSOS Ultraz Winter Face Mask

Double-layer face and head protection for the most extreme winter riding conditions.

84.00 *


The most technical, low-volume winter softshell we’ve created to date. Known in-house as the johDah, this stormproof jacket comes to life with high-output efforts—rewarding you with second-skin protection and temperature regulation like nothing you’ve experienced before.

649.00 *

ASSOS Ultraz Winter Socks

Our supportive medium-weight sock for the coldest, toughest winter conditions.

22.00 *

New ASSOS GT Winter Booties

84.00 *

New ASSOS Winter Robo Foil

40.00 *
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