Early Winter 6°C - 14°C

Early Winter 6°C - 14°C

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ASSOS Winter Socks

A supportive midweight sock for cold, low-light winter rides.

19.50 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

ASSOS earlyWinterGloves S7

The new earlyWinterGlove_S7 replaces its successor, the earlyWinter 851 Glove.

38.99 *
77.98 €
You save 50 %

New ASSOS habuJacketLaalaLai

Using Stratagon material on the front for added protection from the elements, we have continued to refine this 2017 version by the addition of a new cuff design, taping and welding to reduce the hems and increase comfort.

holy White SS.mileJersey_evo7_mini_red_assos-onlineshop.deholy White

184.24 *
263.19 €
You save 30 %

ASSOS habuTightsLaalaLai S7

To allow you to make the most of the seasons, we’ve developed a new habu early winter cycling bib tight for women, which will replace our pompadour tight.

263.19 *

can be shipped within 1-2 days

ASSOS iJ.haBu.5

The iJ.haBu5 is the first ASSOS Campionissimo insulator jacket. Developed for earlyWinter conditions.

 redSwiss whitePanther  phytonGreen  

140.37 *
282.69 €
You save 50 %

can be shipped within 2 days

ASSOS LL.haBuTights evo7 with insert

Our all-new, cutting edge Early Winter tight. Based on our S7 platform, updated to give you a new level of performance.

263.19 *
292.44 €
You save 10 %

can be shipped within 1-2 days


A long-sleeved ASSOS skinFoil base layer is the ultimate foundation for winter cycling.

78.72 *
92.61 €
You save 15 %

can be shipped within 1-2 days

ASSOS tiburuGiletEquipe

Building on the ever-popular falkenZahn, this handy gilet is part of our new equipe performance line of cycling apparel, and so much more than your run-ofthe-mill cycling vest.


holy White

97.48 *
194.96 €
You save 50 %

can be shipped within 1-2 days
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