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ASSOS nS.superLeggera

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ASSOS nS.superLeggera

It's the new generation of, and the long awaited successor to the ASSOS superlight sleeveless jersey. Finally! Available in two specific pattern designs: Unisex & Lady.

ALS Tips
Not just for those few days of extremely warm summer riding conditions. Instead, when used in combination with additional layers, it can function as a superLeggera gilet, an outfit range extender for your ASSOS wardrobe. On a warm spring or cold summer day, use your superLeggera in combination with a longsleeve ASSOS interactive body insulator underneath. Very nice, indeed!

ASSOS rarely releases a new product with just new graphics. While we love and admire great new looks, we don't really care unless there is technological substance within. The new superLeggera performs the way it does not because it incorporates one specific new fabric, but thanks to its construction as a whole.




New textiles, new pattern design. The superLeggera (unisex) features 36 parts: 5 textiles, 19 patterns, 12 components. The superLeggera is engineered using the ASSOS cycling-specific science of body-mapping pattern design, which is applying specific textiles to suit specific applications. Hence, the wind-exposed front panel construction is a bit heavier than the rear panel construction, which has the objective of protecting you from the sun's rays but in as light a manner as possible.
New Type.vX121 custom-made ASSOS fabric is used on the front panel. It insulates and protects you properly from oncoming winds but feels light enough so as not to bother you. The rear mid-panel features ASSOS-patented Stabilizator technology, meaning the central panel blocks vertical stretch, preventing the jersey fit from sagging and providing an ideal "click on" fit. The side panels are made out of ultralight 4-way contour stretch fabric.
Full front zipper for better ventilation, three rear pockets, plus a new, superlight easy-access front safety pocket.

For this new superLeggera, we started off by designing a complete new pattern design to best suit the sleeveless application. Available in two specific pattern designs: Unisex & Lady (petite). Anatomical fit, pre-shaped, ergonomically correct. Tailored to fit the body in the cycling position. Clicks on, and just feels right.

Superlight, quick-drying Type.vX121 frontarea
UV-Protection 50+
PAT: antibacterial attencance for durable textile
Full front zipper for better ventilation
Three rear pockets, plus a new, superlight easy-access front safety pocket.
Tailored to fit the body in the cycling position

You needed it. We made it.

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