ASSOS milleJacket evo7

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What is it?
As the natural replacement for the iJ.shaqUno jacket, this new milleJacket_evo7 uses our next generation fabrics to take winter riding to the next level. With this jacket we feel that we have created the ultimate winter riding jacket at a great price point and are certain that it will soon become one of your go-to items on those colder days.

ALS climaRange

How to use it
Simply place it over your skinFoil body insulator. This jacket has been engineered and tested to give you the best performance in the winter months, so it naturally works best when used as designed.

ALS tips
To fine-tune the performance of your outfit for your ride conditions and individual body type, we recommend choosing an LS.skinFoil evo7 for fall/spring, early winter or winter. This will allow the flexibility to get the ultimate performance out of the milleJacket_evo7 in the widest range of temperatures. If the ride is a little faster or the temperatures slightly warmer, go for the fall/spring skinFoil. If it is a little cooler, then grab your winter skinFoil. And, as always during those winter months, we recommend taking a shell with you as your all-important insurance policy.

Technological engineering
Taking the same design as the mille – full black with one arm in colour – we have thought about the demands of winter from top to bottom when engineering this jacket. Starting with our new Plutocrat Ultra fabric, we have added a lining for extra insulation. We have also used Plutocrat on the pockets, which gives you extra protection with its membrane, not only for the things you keep in your pockets, but also against road spray. Finally, this jacket comes in our mille cut, giving it a little more comfort, with a less racier fit for those long winter rides.

The construction
Uses our all-new Plutocrat Ultra fabric, which gives you next generation performance and protection against the elements at an amazing price point.
All-new zip security pocket for those important essentials you carry on every ride.
Redesigned collar with a raw-cut edge to improve fit
Single coloured arm for aesthetics and, using less white, to limit the effect of winter riding on the jacket.
Mille cut for increased comfort during those long winter rides.

Key features
Extensive use of our all-new Plutocrat Ultra fabric gives you the best performance for this price point
Natural successor to the popular iJ.shaqUno Jacket
Flexible enough to wear in a wide range of cooler temperatures, using our ALS guide to choose the right skinFoil

Another next generation product from ASSOS that takes all of our fabric expertise and engineering knowledge to improve upon the ever popular iJ.shaqUno_Jacket, it will surely leave you wondering how such top-end performance is possible for this entry-level price.