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Product no.: P13.70.745.47

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A cycling cap befitting the EQUIPE RS race pedigree, with breathable mesh side panels, an element-shielding brim, and our bold line graphics.


In traditional ASSOS fashion, we took a seemingly basic accessory and dissected it, examined every detail, and reconstructed it with our signature materials and style to make it perform better. In this case, it’s the iconic cycling cap. Our team was tired of sweat-soaked cotton lids, which is why this iteration includes breathable mesh side panels and a terry lining that draws moisture off of your forehead. From there, we added the adjustable element-shielding brim, light elastic at the rear for a perfect fit, and bold EQUIPE RS line graphics throughout.


Mesh Side Panels: Lightweight, breathable mesh ensures cool air circulates the head under the helmet.

Half-Moon Construction: Minimal seams with three panels creates a comfortable 3D curved structure.

Terry Lining: Highly absorbent material aids in wicking moisture from the skin’s surface.

Composition: 49% cotton, 49% polyester, 2% elastane

Composition: 49%CO 49%PL 2%EA