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ASSOS TRAIL Women‘s STEPPENWOLF Spring Fall Jacket T3

199.00 €

incl. VAT, plus delivery



A lightweight jacket for riding in cool spring and fall conditions. Breathable insulation combined with freedom of movement for trail functionality on and off the bike.


The STEPPENWOLF is constructed with our new TANK textile, a substantial, quilted fabric that creates a protective layer in terms of thermal insulation and provides light padding against grasping brush and trailside obstacles. The hood has been removed, and we added pockets to increase functionality both on and off the bike. WHEN/HOW TO USE IT

Layer over SS or LS Trail Jerseys for riding in cool spring and fall conditions, especially when temperatures look set to fluctuate throughout the day.



TANK is a durable insulating material whose circular knit and quilted construction produce a layer of insulating air between the skin and the external chill, protecting the personal microclimate. Its built-in mechanical stretch allows for full movement in the saddle. RX EVO provides breathable, midweight insulation on the shoulders, sleeves, and side panels to enable a streamlined fit.


Cut for comfort and full range of motion on or off the bike and finished with an extended collar that adds protection without interfering with headwear.

- Zippered pockets: Two large, zippered hand pockets provide conveniently accessible, secure storage.

- Hang Loop: An indispensable addition for air drying while traveling or camping.

- Raw Cut Cuffs: Low-profile sleeve cuffs that eliminate volume and allow easy layering under gloves.