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ASSOS Women’s Ultraz Winter LS Skin Layer

Our Women’s Ultraz Winter LS Skin Layer brings maximum thermal protection and body-mapped comfort to your coldest rides, courtesy of our new wool-blend knit and seamless design.

119.00 *

ASSOS UMA GT Ultraz Winter Jacket EVO

The Ultraz EVO is our warmest, most protective winter riding jacket to date. It’s constructed with a blend of our NEOS softshells and insulating RX fabrics to keep you as warm, dry, and shielded as possible in the most demanding weather out there.


329.00 *

ASSOS Women’s Winter LS Skin Layer

The Women’s Winter LS Skin Layer’s insulating knit structure and seamless construction join forces to keep you dry and insulated from the base up in cold, demanding conditions.

99.00 *

ASSOS UMA GT Winter Bib Tights

Full-length coverage, flexible insulation, and our signature UMA GT insert ensure comfortable support in challenging winter riding conditions.

189.00 *

ASSOS habuJacketLaalaLai

Using Stratagon material on the front for added protection from the elements, we have continued to refine this 2017 version by the addition of a new cuff design, taping and welding to reduce the hems and increase comfort.

holy White SS.mileJersey_evo7_mini_red_assos-onlineshop.deholy White

189.00 *
270.00 €
You save 30 %

ASSOS TRAIL Winter Socks

Featuring a tall 24cm cuff height and durable, insulating yarns, the TRAIL Winter Socks ensure your feet and lower legs remain warm, shielded, and dry in the toughest winter conditions.

26.00 *

ASSOS UMA GT Ultraz Winter Bib Tights

With double-layer protection throughout, a women’s-specific cut, and our proven UMA insert, the Ultraz Winter Bib Tights stand in as our warmest, most protective winter bib tights.

289.00 *

ASSOS Ultraz Winter Gloves

A double-layer construction and refined fit ensure maximum hand protection and insulation during winter’s harshest conditions.

109.00 *

ASSOS Neck Foil

The chameleon of first layers, morphing from cool-weather neck protector to ultrasoft headband, with built-in UV protection and a seamless construction.

20.00 *
In stock

ASSOS Winter Socks

A supportive midweight sock for cold, low-light winter rides.

20.00 *

ASSOS winterBootie S7

The new winterBootie_S7 is our perfect overshoe for your winter rides. It offers airBlock protection and protects from drizzle.


Only in black available.

60.00 *
120.00 €
You save 50 %

ASSOS Ultraz Winter Face Mask

Double-layer face and head protection for the most extreme winter riding conditions.

84.00 *

ASSOS bonkaJacketLaalaLai

We have worked with our internal test team to create the bonka, our women’s winter cycling jacket.

holy White SS.mileJersey_evo7_mini_red_assos-onlineshop.de

266.00 *
380.00 €
You save 30 %

ASSOS fuguCap S7

Our new fuguCap is similar to the roboCap but with a strataGon airBlock protection in the front area for increased protection.

25.00 *
50.00 €
You save 50 %

ASSOS Winter Bootie

Ultra lightweight, zip-free overshoes with an improved aerodynamic performance to face winter head-on

63.00 *
90.00 €
You save 30 %

ASSOS Winter Gloves

Insulation, protection, and full-finger coverage for cold winter riding.

79.00 *

ASSOS Ultraz Winter Socks

Our supportive medium-weight sock for the coldest, toughest winter conditions.

22.00 *

New ASSOS GT Winter Booties

84.00 *

New ASSOS Winter Robo Foil

40.00 *
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