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Using our S7 generation of shorts as a platform, we have created knickers that give you a new generation of comfort for those slightly cooler days.

Summer or spring/fall
Designed for those cooler times in the summer months, these knickers work perfectly with all our products in this climaRange. Paired with a spring/fall skinFoil, these knickers are also ideal for cooler days when full length tights are just too hot. Used next to your skin, these give you S7 generation comfort in female-specific knickers.

Taking the performance and comfort of the ASSOS H.laalaLaiShorts and turning them into knickers for cooler weather is at the heart of this product. A new design on the lower leg optimizes the fit, giving more comfort and better performance. And making them with our type.439 material brings them to a new level of overall comfort. As well, the added compression of this material will help your performance on the bike.

  • New pattern for the cut of the lower leg to increase the comfort and fit of these knickers.
  • Using all of the innovations found in our ASSOS H.laalaLaiShorts, these bring you all the comfort ofthe S7 platform.
  • All new S7 generation insert brings you to the next level of performance on the bike.
  • Made with our type.439 material, these knickers strike the balance between comfort and compression for superior performance.
  • S7 insert
  • Made of type.439 material
  • New lower leg pattern for improved fit
  • Cut in regular fit for added comfort
  • Perfect for summer and spring/fall conditions
80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane
2 textiles – 5 patterns –11 components
Taking all of the developments found in the ASSOS H.laalaLaiShorts we have developed a new lower leg to give you the optimal knickers for those cooler summer days or spring/fall conditions. Leveraging the benefits of the S7 insert platform, these knickers really do bring you to higher levels of comfort and performance.

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