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No matter how high the mercury rises, we often demand a long-finger glove for added comfort, protection and grip while riding. That is exactly why we have developed the new long-finger shasha summer cycling glove for Winter 17. Using the same design and principles employed in our short-finger summer cycling glove, we’ve crafted a product that is fitting for one of the key points of contacts when cycling. For the rear of the glove we chose our strong, elastic and highly breathable mesh fabric to eliminate the risk of overheating when you’re climbing the toughest and hottest mountain passes.
For the palm we’ve used our new innovative palm material that gives incredible grip and maximum safety, while providing feedback from the bars. For added comfort we’ve added anti-shock inserts in key positions. We also added smartphone touch screen-compatible inserts so you have no need to take these off during your ride.



Our shasha summer long-finger cycling gloves are ideal for those summer rides where you want a little more protection and grip without the fear of hot hands. As a piece that has been designed for the shasha summer climaRange, these go happily with any outfit from this climaRange.


  • Elastic mesh fabric on the back
  • Innovative palm fabric that provides incredible grip and maximum safety
  • New wrist construction for maximum freedom of movement
  • Anti-shock inserts in key positions
  • Smartphone touch screen-compatible inserts so no need to pull them  off to use your phone

AEPD Competition slimFit

COMPOSITION 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane, 

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